What’s the ideal air pressure?

The incoming air pressure should be 95 psi.


What’s the ideal beer temperature to run the can line?

Between 0 and 1.5 degrees Celsius or 32 and 34.7 Fahrenheit.


What’s the ideal carbonation?

Between 2.4 to 3 v/v of CO2.


What’s the ideal pressure in the brite tank?

Between 11 and 15 psi -> could be higher for longer runs.


Dissolved Oxygen:


The DO’s are too high.

The following variables can all influence your dissolved oxygen pickup.


  • Beer temperature: For smooth canning operation, beer must be supplied from brite beer tank to the canning machine between 0 – 2C (32 – 35.6F).
  • Infeed beer hose length and diameter:  If your hose length between your brite tank and canning system is too long, the beer will warm up as it travels through a hose. An uninsulated beer hose can quickly increase temperature.                                                   If your beer hose diameter is too small, additional (and unnecessary) friction is created as your beer flows through the line.
  • CO2 Pre-Purge Pressures: It is absolute imperative that CO2 pre-purge and under lid gassing occur with laminar or smooth, steady CO2 flow instead of turbulent flow.

Recommended settings are: CO2 Can Pre-Purge Regulator: 8 – 12psi

CO2 Under Lid Gassing: 1-2 psi

  • Foam Fob Creation: This is a critical element of minimizing DO pickup during packaging. Start with a Foam Timer of 0 seconds to begin with and adjust by monitoring actual foam levels. The ideal foam level at least to the top of the can edge to eliminate head space in the can itself.
  • Top Up Timer: With Top Up on, the fill cycle is extended for a very brief period (typically 0.1 to 0.5 seconds) while the fill head is being retracted which keeps the height of the beer and foam constant while the fill tubes are withdrawn from the can.