Is there too much oxygen in your cans/bottles or is the TPO completely off? Is your filler bowl losing vacuum? Do you have leaking cans or having trouble with adjusting your seams? 

I will do an audit of the problem and help you get back on track. I have experience with the following brands: 

  • Cask  
  • Krones 
  • Criveller 
  • MAG 
  • Newtech 
  • Fimer 

Just click on the “Book a FREE Consultation” button. It’s that easy. 


When your brewery grows you will be showing up on the Government’s radar. Now they know you’re serious and they will bring you a visit to see that everything is according to the regulations. Which is good because you want a safe and clean workplace. 

They will ask if you have SOP’s, safety manuals, Lock-out Tag-out procedures from all your machinery. 

Because you were so busy building the brewery with used equipment you didn’t think about writing procedures. 

Marc will write a procedure for each piece of packaging equipment in a way that your operators can safely and efficiently run the equipment by following the steps in the manual.


Regular maintenance of your Sankey keg fleet guarantees the operational capability and a high application security of your stainless steel kegs. 

We come directly to the brewery equipped with all the special tools.

Qualified keg repair achieves the following benefits:

  • Reduces risk of “off taste” product.

  • Eliminates costly returns of defective kegs from your customers.

  • Extends the life of a brewery’s existing float and reduces future keg needs.

Service areas: 

  • Replacement of leaking spears

  • Repair of defective spears

  • Fitting-Service with original spare parts


A sudden peak in sales, can’t find qualified people. Or one of your staff members is on vacation and you don’t want to go through that hiring process every time because you want to focus on your passion, making beer. 

Marc can help you out of this temporary problem. 

Is it running a Cask line or you just need help on the line.


What are the advantages of hiring Marc? 

  • Skills on demand 

  • More than 10 years experience in packaging. 

  • Flat hourly rate. No extra employee costs. 

  • Measurable improvements in your cost structure